Special Ceremonies


Millers Lawn and Landscape Ground Breaking


Congratulations Millers Lawn and Landscape on the beginning of your expansion project!! We are very excited to have your family business begin its new journey in the same town it first began! Erwin, Dunn and the surrounding areas are privledged to have such a great company available. Thank you for all you do for our community! 







Ribbon Cutting and Ground Breaking Ceremony Services


Hosting ribbon cutting and/or Ground Breaking ceremony is a part of your member benefits. You can schedule a ceremony anytime. If you are a new business breaking ground, having a grand opening or a re-grand opening, celebrating a business anniversary, or becoming a new member, these services are a great way to market your business and let the community know you are here for them.


For inquiries contact Carla Blackmon at the chamber office for more information.

910-591-4207 or contact@erwinchamber.org